9 Dec 2020 16:12

Diving into Unreal Engine

Here at the Data Arena we've been working with Unreal Engine on and off for over a year now, and this year we've ramped up our efforts to try and integrate it into our development environment. Our goal is to eventually replace our current Distributed Parallel Computer Graphics system of Equalizer + Omegalib with Unreal Engine + nDisplay, a beta plugin designed for parallel rendering. While nDisplay doesn't (yet!) have official Linux support, we've had great results using modified versions from the development community to work on our Linux cluster.

Currently as of the time of writing, we're aiming to bring Linux support to nDisplay on the latest release of Unreal Engine (4.25.1) ourselves. In the meantime, we're all getting our hands dirty learning how to use Unreal Engine so we can transition our current projects and demos (data visualisations, 3D geometry, point cloud scans etc) to UE. This page/blog will cover our process to share with the world rather than just in our internal discussions. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have anything to share or ask!