9 Dec 2020 16:12

Realtime layout designing in the Cozy Living Room

Live input and interaction

The video above shows recent progress, using the Cozy Living Room model. We demonstrate realtime object manipulation with dynamic lighting. When viewed in the Data Arena we seem to be standing in the room. With Active Shutter Glasses the view is 3D Stereoscopic in 360 degrees.

A Sony DualShock PlayStation-4 controller has been integrated. It moves a 3D cursor to select, pickup, turn and place furniture. Lifted-objects cast shadows on the floor and walls. Our linux version of nDisplay runs this demonstration across the Data Arena's multi-computer cluster (7 Computers, 15 GPUs). Multi-computer means higher display performance.

Several 3D cursors are also on display. Each is controlled by a plastic Optitrack marker held by a user in the theatre. The markers operate like a magic wand. In the next development, particular marker-gestures will make these cursors select and move furniture. Then everyone in the Data Arena can interact with the model.

This is a significant milestone towards our goal of multi-user participation in real time visualisations. Immediate applications include existing UE4 Architectural Model Walkthroughs and Interior Design/Layout composition.

People can design, layout, and decide as a group.