9 Dec 2020 16:12

Visualising high quality interior modelling in realtime

As we venture into architectural visualisation, we've been practising with a Cozy Living Room model. These images are from some early experiments with lightmass configurations. The model was exported from Rhino as an FBX file and imported into UE with all textures and materials.

The model includes:

  • Cozy roof living room interior design with wood beams and warm atmosphere.
  • Design includes modern coffee tables, one couch and an armchair, a suspended fireplace, some poufs, lighting equipment and decorative objects.

It was created by bserter at cgtrader

A simple method to load interactive Architectural models is in development at the UTS Data Arena.

UE4 Cozy Living Room HighresScreenshot00016.png
UE4 Cozy Living Room HighresScreenshot00015.png
UE4 Cozy Living Room image1.png
UE4 Cozy Living Room image2.png
UE4 Cozy Living Room HighresScreenshot00014.png
UE4 Cozy Living Room in DA.jpg

Early nDisplay experiments running in realtime in the Data Arena

UE4 SeasideVillage1.jpg

The Seaside Town running live, an experiment from 2019.